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The Expectant Mother's Bible Companion

Bible Commentary specifically for new and expectant mothers.

The Bible is full of wisdom for all aspects of our lives. Some days you can open your Bible and feel a passage was written specifically for you. Other days the truth in the Bible feels worlds away. Add to that the frequent misunderstanding about birth and women in the Bible, and you may begin to feel pregnancy and early parenting just don't matter to God.

The following collection of commentaries were written for new and expectant mom's to explore the amazing world of the Bible through topics surrounding their daily experiences. Within these pages you will find overviews of each book, highlights of specific stories and questions for reflection all dealing with the issues that face you every day.

You will need a Bible while you read these pages. They are only companions, not a replacement. Feel free to read on-line, referencing your favorite web Bible, or print the pages and study them in your quiet place. You will find a small notebook or journal helpful for organizing your thoughts as you read.

There is no required or recommended order. Some women enjoy starting at the beginning and working their way through. Other women alternate old and new testaments. I hope these commentaries help you grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity. Many Blessings.