The process of pregnancy and childbirth are not different because you are a Christian...

But your response to those processes may be different. Explore ways your faith provides strength and comfort during this time of your life.

Is Childbirth a Curse?

Remember Eve, a snake and the Garden of Eden? Explore the story frequently used to explain why childbirth is painful.

The Principles of Christian Childbirth

Christians are a varied group of individuals throughout the world. They cannot be identified by income, family size, political preferences, education or race. The only factor that distinguishes someone as a Christian is faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God. Along with this faith, Christians choose to live by basic beliefs from the teachings of Christ and the Bible as a whole. However, the living out of the beliefs can look very different from Christian to Christian. continue...

What does religion have to do with childbirth anyway?

Wondering why a woman would consider childbirth in a religious context, or how your spiritual background could be a source of strength during childbirth? Learn about the importance of cultural relevence in childbirth prepareation.

Quiet Time

Looking for a quiet time to reflect on the spiritual side of motherhood. Enjoy a pregnancy devotion.

Tough Decisions

The Bible doesn't give a specific answer to every question. Find out how other women have applied basic Biblical principles to the decisions they make about childbirth.

Our Boooks

Check out our printed resources, designed to help you grow closer to God during this unique time of your life.

Spiritual Preparation

Use our journaling exercises to help prepare your spirit for the work of labor and becoming a mother.

Ministry Tools

Interested in meeting the needs of new and expectant parents in your church or community? Check out the ministry section for tools, tricks and ideas to get you started and help your ministry thrive.


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