Christian Disciplines for Childbirth

Confession of Sins for Childbirth

You may not think that confession of sins has anything to do with birth. As a comfort measure during labor its uses are limited. But the truth is, guilt can cause excess pain during labor.

One of the fundamental concepts in natural childbirth is that excess tension in the muscles of the body causes excess pain during contractions. This tension is usually caused by fear of the labor, and can be overcome with education and the mastering of some relaxation techniques.

Through training you can learn to remove the fear and relax your muscles, but until you achieve peace in your heart this will be superficial. Without confession of sins you cannot have peace and your body will not be able to relax completely.

Our sins have a disastrous effect on our relationship with God. Usually, we begin to feel guilt as a consequence to our sin as a safety mechanism to encourage us to return to the Lord. But when left unconfessed, that guilt can cause us to "hide" from God just like Adam and Eve in the garden.

Picture with me for a moment a woman going into labor, with the weight of an unconfessed sin on her heart. Her communication with God is not as clear as she would like it to be, perhaps she feels distant from Him. Psalm 66:18 tells us that when we cherish sin in our hearts, God doesn't listen to our prayers. This woman has deceived herself. She may think she is depending on the Lord to bring her through labor, but in reality she has not even taken the fist step towards Him.

I urge you to keep yourself daily in confession of your sins. God is ready and willing to forgive a repentant heart, all you have to do is ask. Changes in pregnancy can cause you to be off your normal routine, or perhaps you never made it a habit to confess your sins. Don't let sin keep you from experiencing the power, joy and peace of having God at your birth.

You should be in prayer daily, following the example Jesus gave us to confess our sins and seek forgiveness from the father every day. Waiting for labor to start may be too late for you to have a heart at peace during your baby's birth.