Christian Disciplines for Childbirth

Prayer for Childbirth

Prayer is our direct connection to God. Our opportunity to lay fears, pain and hurt, worry, sin and anything else at the feet of Jesus. Prayer also gives us the opportunity to listen to God. Here are some ways you can incorporate prayer into your labor and childbirth experience.

Write a few short prayers before your labor begins, or in early labor. Make them easy to remember, because you will be using them when you may not have the energy to remember long prayers.

During contractions, focus on one of your prayers, reciting it to God in a whisper or in your thoughts.

Make "prayer cards" to place around your home or labor location. As you walk during labor, stop at each card and read the prayer. If you have enough energy, add more after you have read what is listed on the card.

Give your prayer cards to your coach or assistant. During contractions the coach can lead your birth team through "popcorn" pray by using the topics of the prayers you have written out.

If you are willing, have your coach say prayers for you while laying on hands.

Instead of "breathing techniques," distract yourself with prayer. Give your prayer cards to your coach. Have him or her read the prayer one word at a time. After your coach says a word, you repeat it.

Encourage others at the birth to pray with you. This includes doctors, nurses and support staff that may be in the room while you labor.

Encourage friends and family not at the birth to pray for you. Give them a few topics on prayer cards before your labor begins. When your labor starts, call your prayer support and let them know it is time to begin. Be sure to let them know not to call you, that you will call them when the labor is over.