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Christian Love

Jesus tells us the greatest command is to love God and the second is to love others. We are told in keeping this command we uphold all the other commands given by God. The love spoken about is the sacrificial love of putting the needs of others first, and seeking God's will before seeking our own. It is this type of love that caused Christ to be praying through tears in the Garden that if there were any way for him to not have to die please let it be, but if he must die then let God's will be done. When applying the principle of love to your pregnancy and labor you may find yourself choosing to do things because they benefit your baby, not because they benefit you. You might even find yourself doing things that are uncomfortable or inconvenient for you because you know it is the best thing for your baby.

Specific applications then may be:

  • Avoiding substances you know can harm your child such as alcohol and second hand smoke
  • Choosing to use non-medicinal remedies for a cold, flu or other ailment while pregnant
  • Reconciling with a loved one so your child grows up knowing him or her.