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A Day of Prayer for Childbirth

May 5

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most universal of all human experiences. We are all born, and at some point we will welcome an infant into this world as a parent, extended family or other loved one. The Global Day of Prayer for Childbirth is an opportuntity for families of all faiths, from all parts of the world to join together in seeking better birth outcomes.

Pregnancy and childbirth are affected by the social, economic, political, health and environmental circumstances that surround her. Because of this, specific situations from different parts of the world may seem polar opposites and still negatively affect childbirth. While the particulars may change, the basic problem of bad pregnancy and birth experiences negatively affecting families remains.

Please join with families of all faiths around the globe on May 5 who will be praying for changes in all areas that affect families as they bring their children into this world. Why May 5? It is recognized as the International Day of the Midwife.

What are we praying for now?

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