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Spending an Hour With God

The following is a variation of Dr. John C. Maxwell’s outline for how to spend and hour with God One Hour With God: Weekly Plan for Spiritual Growth. The outline has been modified to fit specifically with pregnancy and preparing for Labor. It is recommended that you use this outline once a week for a deeper time with God.

Select a quiet time and place where you will not be interrupted. This may be early in the morning, late at night or anytime of the day when you can focus an hour of your time visiting with your creator. It is helpful to have a notebook or journal handy to keep track and jot down things you learn.

Prepare to Meet with God:

Spend a few minutes reviewing the information you read and learned this week. Make a list of any areas or issues you feel God is speaking specifically to you about. List any questions or concerns you have regarding your pregnancy, the upcoming labor and the materials you have studied.

Meditate on Scripture:

Select two or three scriptures that have been presented with the material you are reading. They can come from the communication exercises, the Christian opinion section, or from other Christian resources you are using to prepare for labor. Spend some time meditating on and praying these scriptures. As much as possible, personalize the scripture as if you were speaking it to God or he were speaking it to you.

Listen to God:

Allow God to speak to you about the scriptures you have just prayed and meditated on. Sit quietly with a quiet spirit. Write down the things God tells you.


If god has convicted you about an unbiblical attitude or sin in your life, take time to confess it now, seeking his forgiveness. If applicable, make plans to seek forgiveness from others you have sinned against.


Pray not only for the needs of those around you, but also taking the time to bless them and thank God for them. Be sure to include your baby, your other children, spouse, parents, midwife or doctor, doula, childbirth educator, other pregnant friends and your extended family.