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Comfort Measures for Labor

Herbs for Labor

Some women prefer to use natural and herbal remedies during labor either before or in place of the standard pharmaceuticals. There are a wide variety of herbs that can be used in labor, and this list in no way attempts to cover them all. Instead, the following pages list some of the most common remedies.

It is important to remember that natural does not automatically mean safe. Herbal and natural remedies can have profound effects on your health and your labor. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the potential side effects of any natural remedy before using it. Also, be sure your midwife is aware you are or intend to use a natural remedy. This allows her to make any adjustments in care that may be necessary to avoid chemical interactions.

For more detailed information on any of the herbs in this section, be sure to contact a local herbalist. Your herbalist can answer any questions and may be able to recommend specific preparations for your unique needs. If you do not know an herbalist in your area, you may be able to find one through a natural foods store.