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Comfort Measures for Labor


A comfort technique is something you or a labor support person does to improve your comfort in labor. It could inlcude a type of massage or touch, a type of relaxation skill or even a visualization script. Comfort techniques may work to keep you relaxed during labor, or can be used to achieve time specific goals, such as encouraging a baby to more or relieving a back ache.

Which Techniques Should I Learn

The pages in this section describe some of the most common and comfort techniques. Some techniques can be used to accomplish more than one goal in labor, and a goal can be accomplished with more than one technique. It may be a good idea to learn one or two of eacy type of techniqe.

Choosing the right techniques for you will take practice during pregnancy. Some women choose to practice the techniques most similar to the ways they deal with stressors and pain in everyday life, knowing they will naturally gravitate to these techniques. Some women choose to practice the techniques they can perform the easiest, knowing they will have little energy to do something difficult during labor. Other women choose to spend the most time practicing the techniques they have the most difficulty using, knowing they will then have the widest variety of comfort techniques available during labor.

Some techniques will require a labor partner to perform, or will be easier with a labor partner. You may find it helpful to practice these techniques with the people you anticipate providing physical support during labor. This allows you the opportunity to see if the technique is as helpful as you thought, and helps your labor support identify learning needs before labor begins.