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Comfort Measures for Labor


A tool is something outside your body to achieve a goal or complete a task. Regardless of where you give birth, there are some tools you may find useful for maintaining comfort. These tools are inexpensive, and most are easily obtained and travel well.

Practice using these tools so you know what to expect and have a feel for which ones you like the best before labor begins. During the labor, what you prefer may change as the baby's position and your energy level change. Having a variety of tools available increases your chances of giving birth naturally.

Once you have selected the tools you would like to use in labor, gather them together in a small bag so they will be easily accessible for use. Be sure to try them out with your labor partners before labor begins. This will ensure both you and your support know how to use them and how your body reacts to it.

What tools should I have for labor

The pages in this section describe some of the most common and easiest to find tools. Do not limit yourself to this list. Anything that will help you cope with labor is a labor tool. For example, if you enjoy drinking a specific tea be sure to have some on hand for labor.

Pay attention to the things you do to be comfortable every day. Do you use a specific size or type of pillow? Do you like specific scents or sounds? Is there an object or two that help you relax? Items that keep you comfortable in your every day life can help you stay comfortable during labor, and should be included in the list of tools you can use.

Once you have identified a few things, explore the ways they could be used during labor. A favorite book my help you pass the time in early labor. A favorite movie may be fun to watch before contractions are too strong. A favorite chair might provide wonderful opportunities for position changes. A favorite shirt may help you feel comfortable in active labor. Experiment and remember the only guideline is that your tools must help you stay comfortable.

You probably have most of these items in your home, or they will be freely available at your birth place. If necessary, you can purchase many of the items in this section at discount stores in your area. If you prefer, you can purchase them online through at the Birthing Naturally Natural Childbirth Store.