Day Two: Leaving Bujumbura

Driving to Bukavu from Bujumbura was an adventure. Flory began calling it our “Safari” and we complained about the lack of lions. As we wrote before, city streets in this part of the world are busy places. They may not have the heavy motor traffic seen in more developed countries, but the motor vehicles are there in high enough quantities to cause congestion. On either side of the street you will find crowds of people walking fom here to there. The motorbikes and bicycles carry thier paying passengers, and the livestock must be moved. Like we said, busy places.

To make it even more interesting, the drivers have no traffic rules to follow. So on this particular ride, with oncoming traffic, bad roads and flanked by pedestrians our driver found 110 to 120 to be about the right speed. For those of you who say “yeah, but that is kilometers” let us just remind you that 100 km is the same as 60 miles. Would you be comfortable driving 60 to 80 mph on a barely two lane road with oncoming traffic and pedestrians in the road?

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)