Day Two: Uvira

After the exciting ride out of Bujumbura we were at the boarder to the Congo. You are not allowed to take photos at the boarder so I will have to describe it. First, you come to a gate and have to get out of the car. You go to a small dimly lit room where you hand over your passport and answer some questions while they write your information in their log book. There are a lot of people just standing around outside the office with no apparent reason. After being approved, you walk past the gate, through the neutral zone to the next gate where you show your passport and get logged again. The neutral zone has people selling oil, produce and other things, as well as money changers who will ensure the exchange is not in your favor. Once past this second boarder check you are allowed back in the vehicle to continue your trip.

The taxi took us as far as Uvira, where we were to wait for a bus. We had read Victoria’s comments on the buses and had the privilege of seeing the over crowded things so were ready for the worst. There were many people waiting at the bus station, and though Uvira was a smaller place than Bujumbura it was still busy.

We were pleasantly surprised when we realized Flory had arranged a private bus for us and our things. The four of us, all our luggage and two operators piled in and headed for Bukavu.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)