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Did you miss the New Jersey Symposium for Physiologic Birth?

I spent this weekend in New Jersey presenting information about my water birth research to a wide variety of families and professionals. I had been nervous that I wouldn’t be ready; I had been battling a respiratory virus since returning from the Normal Birth Conference and felt like I hadn’t the time to prepare. But in the end I was ready. I should never have doubted that I would be, I’ve been reading the research for three years. We are working hard to organize this material to help build a foundation for hydrotherapy in labor and birth for the US.  Fun fact I learned from Barbara Harper this weekend – only 10% of maternity hospitals in the US have hydrotherapy tubs. I think we can better achieve our goals to reduce our primary cesarean rate and increase our VBAC rate if we get that number closer to 100%.

The best part was encouraging others to publish their findings and build our evidence for water birth. As usual, I came home with more work to do and more people to connect. I don’t mind, but I do need to learn how senior faculty organize their projects so they don’t drop any balls. And while I was there I realized I had missed the letter from the editor.  One more round of revisions, but the paper is moving to publication.

If you live in the northeast, I think this is a symposium you will want to add to your calendar for next year. It is short, but powerful.  As added incentive, next year’s keynote will be Dr. Neel Shah from Ariadne Labs. He’s in charge of the Delivery Decisions Initiative, I’ve been a fan for a while. I don’t want to miss it (and I live in the south).

This was my last conference for the year, so its time to start building my calendar for 2018. I have three conferences in one week, so I need to make difficult decisions.

And don’t forget, we are approaching the end of the year, time to renew all your memberships, check the expiration on your certifications, and update your licenses as appropriate. I have already checked that off my to do list 🙂

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