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Birth Planning

Birth Misconceptions: Fact and Myth from West Texas Birth Center
A well researched and forthright discussion about common beliefs regarding childbirth, why these beliefs may not be true, and what it means to your birth planning.

Citizens for Midwifery
Check on the status of midwives throughout the United States and get help finding a midwife near you.

Am I Ready for Induction? at
Interactive scoring tells you if an induction is likely to fail or succeed.

Index of National Maternity Statistics at BirthChoice UK
UK specific statistics and information to help you make informed choices about your health care.

Care in Normal Birth: A Practical Guide
Read the World Health Organization document of universal guidelines for routine care of women during a normal childbirth. This document avaialble in several languages.

National Childbirth Trust
Information and education for families.

Promoting Effective Recovery from Labor from the PERL Project at University of Michigan
Instructions on how to follow your pushing urge, how to use perineal massage, how to correctly perform kegel exercises and links to research.

Chapter 14: Episiotomy
From Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities

Position Staement on Routine administration of vitamin K for newborns
From the Canadian Paediatric Society

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)
ICAN's website offers information and support for women with previsous cesarean.
A woman centered, evidence based resource for women considering a VBAC.
Provides a collection of articles on pain relief, labor and birth, cesarean and other reproductive health issues.

Do I need a Doula? from
Answers common questions about using a doula, lists of books with informaiton about doulas and a list of questions to ask a potential doula.

The Doula and the Breastfeeding Family @ La Leche League International
Discusses the benefits of a doula to breastfeeding.

Why Take Childbirth Classes from Transistion to Parenthood
Article discusses the reasons expectant parents should consider taking a childbirth class.

Should you take a childbirth class if you want an epidural? from
Readers will explore ways childbirth education is helpful when planning for an epidural.

Online Childbirth Education Class from
Discusses medications available for childbirth.

Transition To Parenthood
Offers a free, online childbirth education "class" reades can work through.

Home Birth Reference Site Information about home birth, for parents who think that it might be the right choice for them, and for health professionals looking for facts and ideas.

Bornfree! Unassited Childbirth
Site explains why birth can be enjoyable. Encourages women to trust the natural process of birth.

Home Birth Family Handbook
This online guide written by a midwife for the families she serves helps families prepare for the homebirth experience.

Home Birth Guide
Provides advice on how to have a joyful, safe and empowering homebirth.

The Rebozo
Transcript from a Midwifery Today conference exlaining uses of rebozos.

Sew your own rebozo at
Provides instructions for selecting fabric, sizing and sewing a rebozo to use in labor.

Birth Supplies

NOTE: These are commercial sites that sell supplies for birth.

Babymoon Mothering & Midwifery Supply

Birth With Love

Cascade Health Care Products

Cutting Edge Press

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Everything Birth

In His Hands

Precious Arrows

Waterbirth Solutions

Your Water Birth

Canadian Resources

Midwifery Supplies Canada

Mama Goddess Canada

By Nature

Nesting Basket

UK Resources

Birth Supplies

The Good Birth Company

Made in Water

Homebirth Kits

Birth Pool in a Box

Australian Resources

The Birth Kit Company

Midwife Shop

Simply Birth

Pregnancy Birth & Beyond