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Doulas worst habits

A few weeks ago I asked my Twitter followers about the “bad habits” they had when they were new doulas.  I wanted to share this interesting response:  getting mad when someone hires a different doula.

Can you relate? It is hard not to take it personally when a potential client hires someone else even though it likely has nothing to do with what she thought about you. But then we turn around and tell the next potential client that the most important thing is that she “find the right doula for her.”  If we really want her to find the best doula for her, we need to be willing to let her hire someone else when the best match is not us.

There is no trick to stop doing this. It just takes experience to learn to trust yourself, and trust that if you are not the best match for a woman it is better that she not be your client. This is a hard frame of mind to keep when you are a new doula, especially when you are struggling to get your first ten clients. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Building a new doula practice is hard work and that includes the hard work of learning to handle the disappointment when a potential client does not hire you. Expect it to happen at least a few times and make a plan for how you will handle any negative emotions that come with it.
  2. Focus on the professional skills you are building and identify the successes with this client: Your advertising is working if you are getting potential clients, are you building world of mouth too? Were you comfortable and confident in the interview? Were you able to answer questions quickly and professionally?  Did you bring the right materials to the interview, or have the ready on your website during the phone call?
  3. Participate in the doula community in your area. Growing your community’s demand for doulas will benefit your business too.
Jennifer (Author)