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End of the Year and Waterbirth

When I wrapped up the last series I thought I could make weekly posts…I was ambitious.  I was correct in my suspicion that my workload would increase near the end of the semester. I am now in the midst of a working break between semesters and I don’t see an end to the heavy workload for a few months.  The trick is figuring out how to balance the blog with my “real” job.

I do have some things to show for my hard work.  I have been selected as an emerging leader with a AWHONN.  I have completed a study using waterbirth data and have the first manuscript submitted to a journal. I am leading a meta-analysis on neonatal outcomes with waterbirth, and am designing a study to do an economic analysis of waterbirth.  And in my spare time I am planning my dissertation… on maternal mortality.

Why the sudden interest in waterbirth? It was just one of those coincidences that happen.  I needed a secondary data set to complete a project for a class.  My adviser did not have one I could use, so I started asking around.  Waterbirth International had data they needed analyzed and the work fit.  I knew enough to know if I was doing the background work for waterbirth for one class, I needed to use that research for other classes as well.  I chose waterbirth for my meta-analysis class — and the project was a good learning experience but  with all the work it should be published.  But this means it needed to be redone at the publication level — not at the student level.  I gathered a team to review the articles with me again, and I’m off.

I don’t know what to expect time wise from spring semester.  I am taking to epidemiology classes, a qualitative research class, and doing an independent study (working with the accreditation team for the midwifery program). I am also helping to teach a research class for nurse practitioner students — which is somewhere between co-teaching and student-teaching.  I will need to work in all the responsibilities for the emerging leader position. I still need to get two manuscripts ready to submit and a few other loose ends, and I am planning to begin an internship working on a maternal mortality project with a group at the CDC this spring.  All this to say I don’t know how I am going to feel about writing for the blog in the midst of everything else. I can make better estimates once I get an idea of the workflow for my classes.

I’ll keep you posted.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)