Even More Breastfeeding Resources

World Breastfeeding LogoI hope you are not tired of breastfeeding yet, because there are even more great resources to share with you today.

First up, the WIC Works Resource System from the United States Department of Agriculture.  This site provides a collection of documents from handouts for parents to guidelines companies must follow for breastfeeding employees. You are sure to find something you didn’t know.

Our second site is the CDC, who provides a variety of unique infographics which can be used to help start discussions in childbirth or parenting classes, with doula clients, or among women’s groups. Why?  These infographics focus on what hospitals do, or do not do, to support breastfeeding.

Finally, since I don’t want it to be all focused on the United States, here is the Infant and Young Child Feeding Data from the World Health Organization.  Not all countries supply all data, but this is can be a start for anyone who wants to advocate for better policy where ever they happen to live.

And yes, there will be more breastfeeding later this week.



Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)