Jennifer's Personal Notes

First Day of School

I’m writing during a break in my first day of school.  So far so good.  I’ve completed the pre-readings for the nursing school and so am not starting behind, which makes a big difference. Not as good on the public health front.  Doing the dual program has challenges, and one of them is that I am not considered a student in the Public Health School until my second year.  This is an administrative designation to keep track of the money for school, it has nothing to do with what actually happens.  Because to make it through both programs in a timely manner, I will be mixing public health and nursing classes each semester.

I’ve been doing the basic “get to know you” stuff at school.  Been to several lunches and meetings explaining things that are offered.  And so this is the first challenge because today I had two lunch meetings to attend, and I needed to decide which was the more important.  (if you are interested, I opted for the public health war and health conference planning meeting and skipped the free pizza from the equipment rep.  Too bad, I probably would have loved to try out infant stethoscopes and buy one at a discount.

I don’t really know the full schedule yet, but I do know I am on campus from 8 am to 7 pm on Tuesdays, 9 am to 5 pm on Wednesdays and 1-3 on Thursdays.  There will be the occasional class on a Monday or Friday, and I also need to work in the clinical hours that will start in October.  No word on my clinical site yet, but I think I get to do mine at the birth center in Savannah.  Sometimes dedicating your life to helping others lets you have winter weekends on the southeastern coast 🙂  I’ll keep you posted.

Off to health assessment lab.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)