Flying to DC

Something to add to the “I should have taken care of that sooner” files is the flight to DC. Not a big deal right? Southwest has direct flights super cheap.

Except Southwest flies to BWI and the flight to and from Rome (the first leg of the trip) is from IAD. So while that is not a problem for the 24th, when we have to spend the night in DC, it causes big issues for the return in August when we get back at 7 am and I would have to try to shuttle between airports. The cheapest we could find to do it with two bags and a backpack was $85. So no real savings and a big hassle. OK, no cheap Southwest flight.

But lots of airlines fly from Albany, I can get a flight on one of them. True–but… the only airline that flies direct to IAD is United. If I went with any other airline it would add another airport stop to my journey – not something I want after 24 hours of flying and 4 airport stops (the last time I flew with four stops I was quite green by the last flight and actually happy to have been bumped off the last leg and sent home on the train instead). So, my only choice is United.

United will work, they have four direct flights a day between Albany and DC. Except the flight that gets me in at about the same time as my travel companion is $50 more than the later flight that day. And my choices for return flight are either running the risk of missing my flight if the lines in customs are long or spending the whole day at the airport. Oh, and United charges for a second bag.

Why should I have taken care of this sooner? Jeff found an email today that if we had booked the ticket just 4 days earlier we would have saved over $200. Live and learn.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)