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Food Allergies

I went to a conference recently because I wanted to attend the session on food allergies.  I like conferences, but sometimes they can be too similar to school.  This one was no exception, but the review was good.

Anyway, what I wanted to share was some amazing advice from the physician who shared about allergies.  They are changing the standards and the recommendations against staring allergy causing foods later.  Apparently the delayed introduction is not working to prevent allergies, so they say there is no reason to hold the foods back.  If a child is going to be allergic, they will be allergic.

Second big news, no reason to screen for a food allergy unless a child has had a reaction to the food.  It seems it wasn’t effective enough at identifying those most at risk for bad reactions, and wrongly identified some children as allergic who were not.

You can read the new clinical guidelines here:


Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)