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Global Breastfeeding Scorecard 2017

UNICEF has released the latest global breastfeeding scorecard with country profiles.  How did your country do? Go to UNICEF

For the United States, it reports several pieces of data that are simply not available or not considered relevant, it’s hard to tell. When you look at the world map for comparison, the US is one of many nations with missing data. This has been a pet peeve of mine for a few years. In my public health training, we learned that before you could implement a plan to improve health you needed to understand the current state of health and the resources already being used in the country. In the US, our outcomes seem to get worse but we never go to the initial step of actually counting the resources in our country.  My master’s thesis addressed this issue in terms of the workforce; we don’t know how many physicians and midwives are actually doing deliveries.  I am concerned that we cannot assume we have an adequate workforce if we don’t count the workforce.


Jennifer (Author)


  1. Mel

    Hello Jennifer!! I am so excited to see that your website is developing because it was such a good resource for me when I began as a doula in 2010.
    I have wanted to contact you for a while, (We almost crossed paths in Tanzania but missed each other by a day), I’m just not sure of the best way to get in contact. Looking forward to getting in contact! Melissa

    1. Jennifer

      Melissa, thank you for getting in touch with me. You can contact me at my university email address jennifer.vanderlaan (at)

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