Global Midwifery


I am excited about an opportunity I have to spend a week on a humanitarian trip to Guatemala with some college students. The trip will happen in January 2010, and the sending organization has said they can set up a nursing clinic for me to participate in.

I intend to make full use of this gift, ensuring I learn about the structure of organizations who do humanitarian work overseas; running a clinic and performing nursing tasks in a foreign country; working within a foreign culture. The skills I learn on this trip will be directly applicable to the work I have set before me in the Congo.

Because I do need to raise my own support for this trip, I welcome all gifts. You can make a donation at – be sure to indicate the gift is for Jennifer Vanderlaan for the January 2010 Guatemala trip. I need to raise $1600, which works out to $200 per day. The fee covers my flight, visa, accommodations and food while there. I already have my passport and the necessary vaccinations, so no need on that end this time.

Thankful for your prayers and support, and check back for updates. If possible, I will write updates while in Guatemala – but even if I cannot photos and information will be posted as soon as I return.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)