High Costs of Oil

One thing we were not counting on when we originally planned the trip was the tremendous jump in oil prices. The truth is, as gas prices continued to increase here in the United States it still did not occur to me that prices may be similarly increasing in the Congo. So, you can imagine my surprise when the final costs were nearly doubled what had been estimated last summer. I even had people suggest the price was artificially inflated to line the pockets of those coordinating the trip.

I was somewhat revealed and somewhat heartbroken to learn that indeed, the high cost of oil and food is affecting even the most forgotten places on Earth. Ben Affleck traveled to the Congo and reported on what he found for ABC News. You can use that link to find videos, photos and other information. When Mr. Affleck talks about being in Goma, he is in the North Kivu Province in Eastern DRC. We will be in Bukavu which is in South Kivu, not too far from where he was.

So, although this makes it more costly for this training it also means the people of the DRC will have that much more of a struggle to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)