Jennifer's Personal Notes, Research

Hitting the ground running…

Progress with research is slow, and I am beginning to accept that.

I don’t even mean the time it takes for research to be adopted into practice.  I’m talking about the work of creating and running a study all the way through publication of the results. Ideas come fast. Ideas have multiple possibilities.  But when the hard work of turning the idea into a legitimate study begins, pieces don’t always come together well.

And sometimes they just come together slowly.

Like the last 18 months…during which I began several projects that didn’t seem to be moving anywhere fast – and a dissertation that needs to move despite the expected bumps in the road.

And sometimes things which were moving slowly just fall into place suddenly.

Which brings me to this week and my to do list which includes applying for one grant; building a proposal for a second; creating three IRB review documents; preparing one abstract for presentation and one study for publication; beginning formal analysis of the meta-analysis data; preparing to receive another set of data; and building a data entry protocol for a new retrospective waterbirth data repository.

Sometimes all I can say is “wow,” because I can’t believe I am really doing all of this.

So this is my challenge to you this week.  Go through your planner, notes, or email and find the projects that are moving slowly in your life.  Take some time this week to move those projects just one step, because eventually taking one step at a time will get the project completed.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)