We had planned to spend our night in DC with a friend, which meant renting a car for a 45 minute drive to her home and then 45 minutes back first thing in the morning. Not ideal, but it would work. The worst part is that all this would happen before our 24 hours of flying – which leads right into our 6 hour drive. I get carsick just thinking about it.

In another example of how God is bigger than anything this trip can throw at him, I am happy to tell you that someone has donated a night at a hotel close to the airport in DC! This saves us the money from the car rental and the travel time so we can get some much needed sleep.

Continuing on the same good news theme, my email from Flory today recommended that we spend one night in Bujumbura before we travel on to DR Congo. He said he would arrange accommodations for us at a $10 a night hotel. I can’t imagine how tired I am going to be after the plane ride, and how thankful I will be to not make the most amazing part of the journey half asleep and motion-sick.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)