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Implementing the midwifery framework

I live in a state that has legal restrictions on midwifery practice. You might as well, full scope midwifery is an uncommon element in health care systems. The International Confederation of Midwives has been working to change that. In 2015 they launched the Midwifery Services Framework, and this year they’ve published guidance on best practices for implementation of the framework.1

This is an interesting paper for anyone who works in maternity care and is especially helpful for advocacy groups and health ministries. Though it is written for a country level implementation, you could apply the practices to a more local context, perhaps even to improve midwifery services in your hospital.

If you have used the Midwifery Services Framework, please share about your project.

Nove A, Moyo NT, Bokosi M, Garg S. The Midwifery Services Framework: The process of implementation. M. 2018;58:96-101. doi:10.1016/j.midw.2017.12.013
Jennifer (Author)