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I know I have been busy, and believe me when I say I have a long list of information I would love to be sharing on this blog.  I have been spending this summer away from home – literally.  I started by attending the ACNM conference in San Antonio, TX.  I had a week or two of class and then spent two weeks working at a Farm Worker health program coordinated through my school.  Fabulous experience, but not easy to keep up with six classes when you have been gone  three of the six weeks of classes!  July is spent in class two days a week and on call at the birth center the other five.  And in just three weeks I’ll have finished my final exams a week early so I can spend 10 days in Kenya assisting at a doula training.  I’ve learned to love coffee.

So, I promise as soon as I complete all the assignments (this seems to be a report and presentation semester rather than a testing semester) I will start uploading more information than you ever wanted. But today, in researching my presentation on ending maternal mortality around the world I found something too good not to share.  It is full online access to the annual maternal and child health epidemiology conference.  I know not everyone wants to become a midwife because of global issues, but if you are one who does this free content will be a great way to become familiar with information you need to know.

Check out the link here: 16th Annual Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference


Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)