Labor Positions

Labor Positions: Labor Dance


The labor dance is an upright position that encourages movement in the pelvis during labor.

 How it works:

Upright positions use gravity to increase the work done by contractions, while decreasing the pain most women feel. Doing the labor dance moves the pelvis, which encourages the baby to move deeper into the pelvis.

The labor dance also allows the coach to have access to the mother’s back for massage or pressure. With music to encourage a gentle rhythm, the labor dance may be a very relaxing position.

When to do it:

This position can be helpful both early and late in labor as long as the mother has enough energy to be upright. Leaning on a labor partner makes it easier for the mother to support her body weight.

Incorporating it into labor:

Play the mother’s favorite music and labor dance to the beat. Vary the speed of the music from very slow to moderate.

While labor dancing, the coach can use clenched fists to provide a pressure massage on the mother’s lower back.

Encourage deeper emotional relaxation by deep breathing with the mother while dancing, or whisper “sweet nothings” into her ear.

Jennifer (Author)