Labor Positions

Labor Positions: Reclining

reclineWhat it is:

The mother will recline against a wall, back of a chair or her labor partner. Pillows can be used to support her arms and legs so that she looks as if she is reclining in an easy chair.

 How it works:

Reclining is one of only two positions that allow the mother to fully relax every muscle in her body. The other position is side lying.
When to do it:

This position is useful for the mother who is having a difficult time releasing tension because it allows her to relax every muscle in her body.

It is also useful when the mother is tired and would like to rest, but does not want to lie down (which can make some women feel vulnerable).

Incorporating it into labor:

Place a large pillow against your sofa. Have the mother lean against the pillow, and support her arms and legs with pillows.

If the mother wants to labor in water, she can recline by using rolled towels, small beach balls or bath pillows.

If you have a recliner chair, the mother can easily achieve this position by sitting in it, putting up the footrest and resting her arms on the chair arms.

Jennifer (Author)