Labor Positions

Labor Positions: Toilet Sitting

support2What it is:

The toilet sitting position is a variation of sitting done on a toilet or commode.

How it works:

As with all upright positions, toilet sitting uses gravity to encourage effective contractions.

Psychologically, sitting on the toilet allows some women to feel more comfortable if amniotic fluid is dripping or leaking. It can also help a mother who feels a need to urinate with each contraction.
When to do it:

Toilet sitting can encourage good bearing down and relaxing of the perineum for pushing because the mother is familiar with bearing down on a toilet. It is also appropriate any time the mother feels most comfortable on the toilet, such as if she is leaking fluid.

Incorporating it into labor:

Have the mother sit backwards on the toilet, leaning against a pillow on the tank or pipes. In this position, massage her lower back.

Let the mother sit on the toilet with her feet on low stools to widen the pelvic outlet.

Sit in front of the mother, allowing her to lean on you during contractions.

Jennifer (Author)