Labor Positions

Labor Positons: Lunge

laborpain3What it is:

The lunge is an asymmetrical position that encourages the baby to rotate.
How it works:

The lunge widens one side of the pelvis, which increases the room the baby has to move. The pressure of the lunging pelvis on the other side may further encourage movement of the baby.

The lunge is also useful for stretching the muscles of the legs during a long labor.

How to do it:

Have the mother place one foot on a chair or stool place beside her, with her knee pointing out. Slowly have the mother bend at the hip toward the raised knee, holding the stretch for 5 – 10 seconds.

Implementing it into labor:

During a contraction, have the mother lunge for 10 seconds, and then rest for ten seconds, continuing the lunge-rest-lunge until the contraction is over.

If mother is uncomfortable standing, have her lunge from a kneeling position while you help support her upper body.

After a couple contractions, have the mother try lunging with her other leg. Have her lunge toward the leg that feels more comfortable.

Jennifer (Author)