Labor Positions

Labor Positons: Rocking

handlholdWhat it is:

The mother will sit in a rocking chair, and rock it.

How it works:

It allows the mother to rest, having the weight of her body supported by the chair, while still moving the pelvis to encourage movement of the baby. She may also enjoy rocking when she begins to feel tired, but does not desire to be in bed. Upright positions for labor, such as rocking, can have a positive impact on labor progress.

When to do it:

The mother can rock any time she would like during labor. If her movement is restricted due to an attached monitor or IV pole, she may find rocking to be more comfortable than lying in bed.

Incorporating it into labor:

While she is sitting in the rocking chair, put a low stool or ottoman under her feet to allow her to rest and stretch her legs.

Try varying the rocking speed to encourage relaxation.

During a contraction, the mother may find that rocking “forward” and holding that position is more comfortable.

Sit in a rocking chair instead of lying in bed if you need to be attached to a fetal monitor.

Jennifer (Author)