Comfort Measures, Preparation Exercises

Labor Practice | Labor Starts Strong

Contractions begin after lunch, and within an hour they are 6 minutes apart and strong enough to make you stop moving during the peak. Your body feels heavy, and you have seen bloody show in your last few trips to the bathroom. Will you:

Walk for a while

Walking may help shorten first stage labor by encouraging the baby to get into proper alignment in the pelvis. Additionally, many women find that they are more comfortable in upright positions.

Go to the Birth Center

Some women who want to give birth in a birth center find it difficult to relax and labor until they are comfortably settled into a room.

Lean over a birth ball

Leaning over a ball or chair while on your knees makes it easy for your coaches to massage your lower back. Many women find it comfortable to allow the belly to hang in this way.

Jennifer (Author)