Preparation Exercises

Labor Practice: What would you do?

Scenario: You woke up with some gentle contractions and ignored them all through lunch. Its almost dinner time and the contractions are beginning to demand your attention. Will you:

Go for a Walk

Walking is helpful because it keeps you upright making the contractions more effective and moves the pelvis helping your baby fit into a good birth position.

Lean over a Ball or Chair

Leaning over allows you to stay upright without having you support your whole body weight. Staying upright allows your body to use gravity to make contractions more effective and keeps your pelvis mobile.

Take a Shower

Many women find the warmth of the water and the pressure as it strikes your back help to relax them and reduces the discomfort they feel. Water may also work to stop early contractions or build contraction strength later in labor.

What would you do?

There is no wrong answer to this question. Choose something, try it, and then decide after 30 minutes or so if it helps you stay comfortable. Early in labor changing activity or position may help annoying contractions go away or may help them become effective labor contractions.  This is normal, so don’t let stop and go contractions fool you into one of the  Common mistakes  in early labor.


Jennifer (Author)