Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Acupressure

accupoint1What it is:

Acupressure refers to the use of pressure in certain places to stimulate the body to react in specific ways. If you press the base of your neck or your temples to help relieve a headache, you are using acupressure.

How it works:

Although its effectiveness has not been studied, there is the possibility it may be helpful. Points on the hand and ankle are recommended to stimulate labor when pressed with a firm but gentle pressure.

How to use it:

One point is about four finger widths above the ankle bone on the inner side of your leg. Try applying pressure with your thumb or index finger for one minute, then do the same on the other leg after a 30-minute rest.

Another point is between your thumb and first finger. This acupressure point can be used during labor to stimulate stronger contractions.

Integrating it into labor:

Use pressure points with other labor stimulation methods to help start labor.

Use pressure points to strengthen weak contractions.

Jennifer (Author)