Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Effleurage

couple8What it is:

Effleurage is a type of massage using light pressure applied over a wide area of the body.
How it works:

Light effleurage promotes relaxation, alleviates pain and encourages sleep.

Deep effleurage improves circulation, while stretching and relaxing tense muscles.
How to do it:

From “The Healing Touch of Massage” by Carlo DePaoli

Performed in a circular motion, with the hands relaxed, palms on the body, always keep the momentum on the upward stroke, easing the pressure on the return movement.

Incorporating it into labor:

Use a flat-hand stroke on the arms, legs and broad flat surface of the back.

Effleurage with only the fingertips gliding (rather than the whole hand) is called feathering. Some women enjoy using feathering over their abdomen during contractions.

Effleurage can also be done with a cupped-hand on areas that are sensitive, such as the calf muscles.

Jennifer (Author)