Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Frozen Water Bottle

What it is:

Fill a plastic disposable beverage bottle (with flat sides) about 3/4 of the way with water. Set this in the freezer at least overnight.

How it works:

The frozen water bottle provides both pressure for relieving discomfort and cold for dulling the sensation of pain.

How to use it:

Roll the bottle on its side up and down the mother’s lower back, thigh or other body part that could benefit from this unique massage.

Integrating it into labor:

Have the mother lean against a wall; place the bottle at her lower back where she would like pressure. Let the mother move to provide the amount and type of pressure she would like.

Have the mother move into a position that provides access to her back, such as hands and knees. Roll the frozen water bottle to provide pressure on her lower back.

Keep several water bottles in the freezer. As the ice melts, let the mother take sips of the cold water and replace the bottle with a “fresh” frozen water bottle.

Jennifer (Author)