Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Rolling Pin

What it is:

A rolling pin is a tool that is used by cooks to flatten dough. In labor it can be used to provide pressure massage for the mother.

How it works:

When rolled along the mother’s back, the rolling pin provides a moving pressure massage that can help ease discomfort of a back labor.

How to do it:

Place the rolling pin on the mother’s lower back. Begin by gently rolling up and down. Add pressure as the mother needs it.

Integrating it into labor:

While rolling the pin up and down the mother’s back, lean in on the pin to add more pressure.

Use a Tupperware rolling pin, which allows for the addition of water or ice, to make your rolling massage a heat or ice pack as well.

Roll the pin from the buttocks down one thigh, pick the pin up and roll down again. After a few rolls, switch to the other leg.

Jennifer (Author)