Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Tennis Ball

What it is:

A tennis ball is a soft small ball used in the game of tennis. Because of its size and gentle flexibility, a tennis ball makes a useful massage tool during labor.

If no tennis ball is available, you can substitute any small, soft flexible ball. You could also use a ball with small nubs to allow specfic point pressure.

How it works:

A tennis ball helps to distribute pressure evenly and smoothly during a counter-pressure massage. It alows the labor support to provide pressure massage without straining a wrist.

How to do it:

Cup your hand over the ball, then press the ball on the part of the mother’s body you wish to massage. Using a firm pressure, roll the ball in small circles.

Integrating it into labor:

Place two tennis balls in a sock. Holding the two ends of the sock, roll the balls up and down the mother’s lower back.

Holding a tennis ball in each hand, massage each side of the mother’s lower back.

Put the tennis ball on the floor. Let the mother roll her foot over the ball to help relax her feet.

Jennifer (Author)