Labor Tools

Labor Tools: The Lift

uprightsupportWhat it is:

The lift is a technique for encouraging rotation of a posterior baby by lifting him up and off the pelvis.

How it works:

The lift is performed in an upright position, which uses gravity to promote effective contractions. However, the baby is lifted up and out of the pelvis, which gives the baby more room to rotate.

How to do it:

Have the mother stand with her back to her labor partner. The partner’s arms should be around the mother’s abdomen, with the hands meeting under her belly. As a contraction starts, the partner should “lift” the baby out of the pelvis by lifting the belly.

Implementing it into labor:

The mother and partner walk between contractions. As contraction begins, the partner moves behind the mother and performs the lift.

If partner’s arms do not fit, wrap a rebozo around the mother and have the partner lift up on the ends of the rebozo during the contraction.

The mother can place her own hands under her abdomen and lift the baby and belly during a contraction.

Jennifer (Author)