So I had realized yesterday that I did not actually have a suitcase, let alone two suitcases. I told Jeff that I did not know what to pack in, and he started looking for a cheap way to purchase luggage. It seems when you don’t spend much money on a suitcase you don’t get much of a suitcase. Jeff insisted that what I pack in be up to the rigors of this journey.

We came up with the great idea of borrowing a suitcase from his Grandparents. The only problem is I cannot guarantee the suitcase will make it back in one piece — or even make it back. Surprisingly, this was not an issue for the Grandparents. Because they don’t expect to be taking any more long vacations, they have a suitcase we can have. Now that what to pack in is settled, I need to finish making my piles of what to pack.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)