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Childbirth Meditation


It takes time to wait. No matter what you do, you cannot get it done any faster.

We get so afraid that if we wait we will miss something good or will have lost our opportunity. But usually waiting gives us more opportunities.

Waiting is not the lack of making a decision. It is deciding to continue doing what you are already doing.

Have you ever wondered why servers in restaurants are called wait staff? It is their job to remain inactive but in attentiveness so they can respond when necessary.

Waiting doesn't always produce the outcome we want. You are not guaranteed good outcomes because you waited. It just means you give yourself more time and opportunity to make a wise decision.

There are three types of waiting. One type is nervously expecting the worst and dreading it. One type is anxiously expecting the best and welcoming it. The best type is patiently assessing the situation and responding appropriately.

Encouraging words for you

"The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready. " - Henry David Thoreau

Questions to Work Through

  1. How do you handle having to wait?
  2. How do you know when to wait and when to act?
  3. Why do you find it hard to wait or hard to act?
  4. What effect will waiting have on your situation?
  5. Are you willing to wait?