Jennifer's Personal Notes


This semester each student midwife will be creating their own 45 minute workshop on the topic of their choice.  There are two schools of thought on this.  One is to choose the topic you feel the most confident in, so you can create a fantastic workshop.  The other is to choose the topic you feel the least confident in and become an expert.  I went with the later and decided to do my workshop on menopause.

Let me first state that I am not covering hormone replacement therapy.  A colleague has taken that large portion to create a workshop.  We are scheduled to present together on one day, my presentation first and her presentation to follow. As best I can figure, everyone it the program is very interested in the information we will be presenting.  Some of the CNMs I have spoken with are interested as well.  Seems this is a topic that tends to get brushed over in many programs.

As I research the topic I find how little is actually known about this topic. I was able to find the recommendations for staging of menopause from the STRAW, but how crazy is it that it took us this long to even try to figure out that it might be helpful to understand the timing of the menopause process.  I think of it like the Tanner stages for puberty, there should be “stages” you can clearly see in women as they progress through the next phase of sexual maturation.

The other thing that is mind blowing as I research is how integrated estrogen is to the body.  Estrogen receptors are in the brain, in the bones..well everywhere. Just another reminder that a woman is MORE than a uterus.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)