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Do Traditional Birth Attendants Help?

One of my concerns as we began this process was that the WHO has recently changed focus from the training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) stating that training for TBAs takes away from efforts that will make a real difference in maternal health. On the whole I like the WHO, but I couldn’t agree with […]

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E-bay and the elusive Laptop

One of the items Jeff thinks will be helpful to take is a laptop computer. We can use it to bring birth videos and other visual materials for the women we train; it gives us a place to store photos so we can take even more; and because I know they have internet access at […]

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Yellow Fever and Visas

Tammy and I are now both vaccinated against yellow fever. This is one of the requirements to get a VISA for Burundi or DRC. Our next steps are to book our flight and apply for our Visas–which both take money. People have started to promise money for the project, but we each only have a […]

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