Hurray for dear friends! One of my best friends actually had an old laptop she was no longer using. She does not care how we have to change the settings to make it work or even if it ends up stolen while we are in Africa. So we now have a laptop to use. Another friend has gone through the machine, taken off unnecessary settings and increasing its capacity so we can use it to show videos during the training. Now the hard part will be timing it so the batteries are always charged. We have been told access to electricity is sporadic, and toRead More →

We finally have the names of the women who will be at the training – all but 7 who live the furthest away. So, for those of you who wanted a list of names to be praying for these women and their families, here is the partial list we have available: Uvira 1. Maman David Bahati 2. Elisabeth Oredi 3. Bora Uzima Djamilla 4. Martha Kapoda 5. Johari Baleke Mboko 6. Martha Sungura 7. Kashindi Kabwe Bukavu I 8. Maman Furaha 9. Maman Nathalie Shabunda 10. Maman Mbila 11. Maman Jerome Mwenga 12. Maman Mumate 13. Maman Etienne Walungu 14. Maman Songa 15. Maman WendilunguRead More →