AAA gave us a discount to use a Visa service. It seemed reasonable to not have to travel to the UN or DC to get a visa so I did it. I got mine back in the mail today! Overall it took just over three weeks to get the two visas. This includes mailing time. I had assumed you just go to the embassy and they issue you a visa. I found out it takes a few days (they schedule four at this place) to be able to pick it up. And since you need to have your passport they can only do one visaRead More →

Something to add to the “I should have taken care of that sooner” files is the flight to DC. Not a big deal right? Southwest has direct flights super cheap. Except Southwest flies to BWI and the flight to and from Rome (the first leg of the trip) is from IAD. So while that is not a problem for the 24th, when we have to spend the night in DC, it causes big issues for the return in August when we get back at 7 am and I would have to try to shuttle between airports. The cheapest we could find to do it withRead More →