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Latex Gloves and Baby Scales

It occurred to me today that Tammy had asked/recommended we each attempt to get donations of rubber gloves and bulb syringes last week. Now I leave for Michigan on Monday and I haven’t asked a single midwife for a donation. This was a sobering reminder of the tremendous pressure I have put on myself this […]

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So I had realized yesterday that I did not actually have a suitcase, let alone two suitcases. I told Jeff that I did not know what to pack in, and he started looking for a cheap way to purchase luggage. It seems when you don’t spend much money on a suitcase you don’t get much […]

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Birth Pants

A friend donated some old stretchy pants yesterday, so I took the time to make the Birth Pants as recommended in the Hesperian Foundation book for Midwives. I wasn’t sure how big to make the opening, so I used the dolls from the teaching kits as models. I made the opening large enough to let […]

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