So, it was an interesting start to the trip. Nothing major going wrong, but things didn’t go exactly right. Like I said, it was interesting. It started at church when I went to get a check for the money that had been raised. While there I was offered a box of medical exam gloves that were donated for a future trip to Mexico (building houses so the medical gloves were not necessary). So I sat with Jeff and the kids to open the sample packets and sort the gloves. Half an hour later we had quite a collection to give the midwife. Then off toRead More →

While dropping of the donations at the church God gave us a special gift. While collecting donations for a recent event the church was donated over 1,000 pairs of medical grade latex gloves which the church has given Jennifer to disperse to the women. Truly and unexpected gift from above. Jennifer’s trip has been blessed by the generosity of 41 people covering 15 of the 21 days of Jen’s Travel and 23.5 of the 30 woman’s training costs. Please be praying and consider giving to provide for the last 6 days of travel and 6.5 woman’s expenses.Read More →