One of our tasks while in Bukavu is to meet with the Minister of Health to get final permission for the training. We actually met with him this morning – again, very interesting. It seems Dr. Florimond is a very important man in Congo, and knows many of the people in government. The Minister of Health even drove to Nayngezi to meet us yesterday – but unfortunately we were brought to Bukavu instead. The Minister of Health is not feeling well today, so will not be in his office. So Dr. Florimond called him and we stopped by his home to meet with him. HeRead More →

Bukavu really surprised us. It is a huge city that looks like what you would expect along the Medeteranian coast. Dr. Florimond told us the city is home to over 1 million people, but was designed to hold only 300,000. It is very modern in many ways – people dress modern, motorcycles and taxis are zooming around. But almost all the women wear skirts, the electricity goes off regularly and the roads are full of potholes or made of dirt. I noticed a few similarities between Congo and what I saw in France. Everyone here has a gate around their home, just like Paris. AndRead More →

We arrived safely in Bukavu yesterday. Interesting story, to say the least. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with the slow internet connections at internet cafes, so I cannot upload the photos. We were told we would leave at 7:00am We were up, packed and ready. Flory and Amina showed up a little after 8:00am. Apparently there was trouble exchanging some of our money (they demand perfect bills if you pay in American), and it was more difficult than they expected to hire a car. But they made it, we all piled into the car and off we left for Uvira were we were to catchRead More →