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I received an email from Flory tonight and can not believe how amazing this training is becoming. This is what he writes: “Again, I thank God for what this training will achieve in Africa. I have been contacted by one of my pastors who have told me that he is going to send to the […]

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See Photos of Where we will be!!

Victoria Bentley is a psychologist from California who has been working with Flory Zozo on the Women’s Trauma and Healing Center. She was in DR Congo in June and is leaving again shortly – I will have the opportunity to meet her while there. You can see some of the amazing work being done by […]

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Some Interesting Maps creates maps that depict the proportion of various traits around the globe and lets you compare them to the traditional land mass maps we are most familiar with. For example, the population map has enlarged areas such as India and China and shrunk land masses with lower population. Some interesting maps that relate to […]

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Birth Pants

I convinced Jeff to let me see how the birth pants will work (sorry, no photos). It was not what I had imagined, it was actually even better. The stretchy pants are not too baggy, but the baby will need to be “guided” by someone to stay in place. It works in hands and knees […]

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The Journey Begins

Although I will not leave for Central Africa until the 24th of the month, the women who are traveling from the farthest distances (Uganda and Tanzania) will be beginning their journey this week. It is hard to imagine that it will take two weeks for the journey, especially when I could drive from New York […]

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Latex Gloves and Baby Scales

It occurred to me today that Tammy had asked/recommended we each attempt to get donations of rubber gloves and bulb syringes last week. Now I leave for Michigan on Monday and I haven’t asked a single midwife for a donation. This was a sobering reminder of the tremendous pressure I have put on myself this […]

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So I had realized yesterday that I did not actually have a suitcase, let alone two suitcases. I told Jeff that I did not know what to pack in, and he started looking for a cheap way to purchase luggage. It seems when you don’t spend much money on a suitcase you don’t get much […]

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Birth Pants

A friend donated some old stretchy pants yesterday, so I took the time to make the Birth Pants as recommended in the Hesperian Foundation book for Midwives. I wasn’t sure how big to make the opening, so I used the dolls from the teaching kits as models. I made the opening large enough to let […]

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Bag Packing

I am off to the store to purchase my travel supplies today. I have a few lists of “what to pack to visit Africa” I found on the internet. Most of the lists are from Safari companies so that does not really apply to our trip. We won’t be in a comfortable hotel with laundry […]

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We had planned to spend our night in DC with a friend, which meant renting a car for a 45 minute drive to her home and then 45 minutes back first thing in the morning. Not ideal, but it would work. The worst part is that all this would happen before our 24 hours of […]

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